Install on Android

With WireGuard

WireGuard is a simple and modern VPN protocol. It's generally considered faster and more secure than OpenVPN, but isn't as widely supported. We recommend using it when available.

  1. Install the WireGuard app on the Play Store.
    It is also available on F-Droid if you prefer.
  2. Create a new WireGuard key in your account and display its QR code.
    You need one for each device that you want to associate with your account.
  3. Import the configuration in WireGuard by opening the app and scanning the QR code.
  4. Activate the newly imported configuration in WireGuard.
    You can check your IP address by refreshing this page (or opening it on the device) and looking at the bottom.

With OpenVPN

OpenVPN is an older VPN protocol and software, still considered secure and one of the best VPN protocols available. It has the advantage over WireGuard of having various implementations for many platforms.

  1. First, install Arne Schwabe's OpenVPN for Android. It is the most frequently updated and secure OpenVPN client for Android to our knowledge.
  2. Download the .ovpn file you need in your account and save it somewhere on your Android device.
  3. Open the OpenVPN for Android application and import the .ovpn file.
    It will create a new profile from the configuration file.
  4. (Optional) Save your username and password:
    Edit the imported profile and set your username and password if you do not want to be asked every time.
  5. You can now connect to that profile.
    It will show the log while trying to connect. If it fails, you can use the menu here to send the log by email to support at or copy it in a support ticket.