Privacy Policy

This page is meant to inform users about the information CCrypto stores, in what conditions, and the exact limits under which it is kept and transfered. If you have any question that is not answered by this page, please contact us.

1. Information stored

  • Username
  • Hashed password
  • E-mail address, if provided
  • Messages sent as support tickets
  • IP address used when browsing the site
  • For payments and subscriptions, external identifiers to the associated payment processors.

See our published source code for technical details.
We use no additional external analytics or advertisement network on our website.
All these informations are strictly kept by CCrypto and will not be shared to a third party unless required by law (see 4.).

2. VPN Logging

Each connection from a VPN client to our OpenVPN servers is logged for legal reasons. For each connection or authentication, we store for up to a year:

  • Username
  • Server used (and shared server IP address)
  • OpenVPN client IP address and port
  • Amount of data transferred per hour (used exclusively for usage statistics and against extreme abuses)

CCrypto will never monitor, record, or use without your consent the traffic you send and receive through the VPN, including but not limited to DNS queries and browsing history.

We will however watch for known dangerous patterns to limit abuse, exclusively used internally to avoid issues with our current server providers:

  • Denial of service attacks
  • BitTorrent connections to know public trackers (on servers indicated by a "NO-P2P" tag)

3. DMCA handling

DMCA cease & desists are usually ignored as we have very little control over it. If one user generates too many abuse, we may investigate and block their access to a server without notice as a warning.

Since we cannot precisely identify users responsible for DMCA notices, we will ban from the server the user or users that match the most the report or reports received. If you think you have been banned unfairly, you can open a ticket and we will reinstate your access to the server as soon as possible.

We will never disclose user information as a result of a DMCA notice.

4. Data requests

The French government may request informations about VPN connections and payments as required by the French law. We will only comply to this kind of request if they are following the right legal procedure. If we are allowed to do so, we will attempt to contact you before or after doing so.

No third party can request information without going through the proper legal channels.