Terms of Service

CCrypto provides a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) service to its clients for the purpose of protecting and improving their Internet connectivity.

All client data and metadata, including traffic going through VPN servers, is confidential information and will not be sold or shared, as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

As a client, you acknowledge that

  • using this service will not shield you from the consequences of your actions or the law in France;
  • CCrypto cannot be expected to ignore legal requests from the French government;
  • CCrypto will provide the service to the best of its ability with no warranty for availability or speed;
  • CCrypto can revoke your access to the service with no refund or notice, if you break this agreement or in case of unexpected service termination.

As a client, we ask you to refrain from using our service to

  • send SPAM (unsolicited email) or any activity getting our IP addresses listed as SPAM hosts;
  • send any traffic that could be considered hostile to a third party;
  • send traffic that could overload our servers or a third party (Denial of Service attack);
  • receive or distribute illegal or copyrighted content without right to do so.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, within 7 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund your payment. After that, refunds will be considered but not guaranteed, and may be partial.

As a connectivity provider, CCrypto cannot be liable for the activities of its clients using the service or their consequences. In case of ongoing abuse, please contact us.